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AJ Frenzel

Hi, I’m AJ, your MoneyDoula. I can help you find the ease and financial freedom that I know is possible.

“Ostriches welcome here!”

Let me help you make friends with your money!

You’re in the right place if future you is craving:

  • Confidence
  • Support
  • Calm & ease around money and beyond
  • Inspiration and a loving nudge (to take action, to get out of debt, to quit your day job, or (insert your big dream here)
  • Improved money conversations in relationships
  • Reduced stress levels around money conversations
  • New and inclusive language for talking about money
  • Your own seat at the table

1:1 Coaching

Moneying with a partner

YNAB Certified Budget coaching

Coaching programs from $994

Quick Win Session – $199
A one time, 70 minute coaching call to dig into your situation and talk through options.

Taking applications for Corporate & Start Up employee coaching groups.

MoneyDoula says:

There is no wrong time to learn more about your money. It’s not to late (nor too soon!) to start paying attention in a new way to your money habits.

As your income grows, no one automagically pops in to teach you what wealth building looks like, or what you can do with your new paycheck.

Let’s change that!

Lets talk.

What happy clients are saying:

“One year ago, I would have put this on a credit card and not told (my partner). Today, we want to choose differently.”

“I just gave notice at my day job!”