About AJ

Hi, I’m AJ. I grew up as the middle daughter of a CPA. Always a numbers girl; math whiz, restaurant check-splitter, volunteer treasurer for everything, family clock-setter, bill payer, and tax preparer. So, I went to college and studied language and dance.  Left brain, right brain, pregnant brain, mom brain, non-stop brain…Yes. All of the above.

I’m a multi-passionate, multi-talented soul, thriving in harmony more than balance. I spent over a decade as Controller of fund of hedge funds, five years as a birth doula, mama, once-and-future marathoner, NYC bicycle commuter turned Midwest work-at-homer and peaceful, gentle, fierce flamenco dancer.

With my numbers brain, helper’s heart, and dancing body, I want to help you find your own positive, productive and practical relationship with your money.

AJ Frenzel

I work closely with my clients on their journey toward:

  • Confidence
  • Calm & ease around money
  • Inspiration (to take action, to get out of debt, to quit your day job, etc.)
  • Improved money conversations in relationships
  • Reducing stress level down money conversations
  • Developing new language for talking about money in a non-judgmental way
  • Inviting others to the table. Money is not out of your realm!