You, yes YOU, are welcome here.

Money. It’s not about the money, right? It’s about security, time, power, privilege. It’s packed with patriarchy, capitalism, consumerism, systemic racism. It’s taboo. It’s flaunted. It’s hidden. It can’t buy happiness, it doesn’t grow on trees. It is both a carrot and a stick. It’s a black box. It’s practical and emotional and nobody taught us what it was going to feel like.

And now it’s yours. Can you believe it? How’s that going for you? Where is it going? Where are you going and how will your money support you? What is happening next? How will you know how much is enough?

This money stuff isn’t easy, even when it’s flowing and abundant

What if your relationship with money could feel like…

Ease, stability, resilience, empowerment, awareness, confidence?


Hi – I’m AJ, the MoneyDoula. Nice to meet you!

What I do…What I don’t do…

Money coaching and ideal budget crafting in a warm, personalized, professional, non-judgemental, hand-held, heart-centered sort of way. 
I see you. I hear you. I love you. Whatever you bring, I’m listening.
I am not an accountant, financial planner, or therapist. I’m not going to sell you life insurance or do your taxes or give you hot stock tips.
I will not shame or blame or judge you.

AJ is all about helping people master their money, and especially doulas because she herself was a doula and boy, do we need the help!

Her message is clear, you can have a happy and healthy relationship with money and she can show you exactly how to intentionally and masterfully align your budget, your values and your financial goals while earning every penny you are worth!